Emacs Resources

The other day (by which I mean like three weeks ago), I asked for advice on learning emacs over on Mastodon. I got a bunch of really nice results, and wanted to put them all in one place both so I don’t lose them and so maybe someone else will get use out of them someday.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! Maybe someday I’ll get the hang of this thing. 😀

1. https://pleroma.site/objects/f4bb937b-4e96-49a4-8889-d7c92a1a6a0e (Since that link doesn’t seem to work, here’s a link to Matthew’s account page, instead: https://pleroma.site/users/starbreaker)
2. https://icosahedron.website/@zge/101425106538741872
3. https://mastodon.social/@hs0ucy/101426312714263030
4. https://mastodon.technology/@metatron/101429681547673958
5. https://ruby.social/@dekkzz78/101431102023523206

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