Metatopia 2014 Schedule

Hi everyone!

So Metatopia is starting tomorrow, and I’m going to be there!  I’ll be running Nautilus through its paces, hopefully getting it crash tested so I know where to fix it. (I’m expecting a better result than a Ford Pinto’s, but a good bit worse than a Volvo. But we’ll see! As long as it doesn’t burst into flames as the doors jam, trapping the passengers inside, I’ll be happy.)

On the off chance anyone actually wants to seek me out, I’ll have my phone and be checking it periodically, so if you poke me on Twitter I should get it. Or e-mail. Or just yell my name really loud and I’ll come running with a very confused look on my face. Oh, and fair warning: while I love sharing food with people I have the most weirdly restrictive diet ever, to the point that I’m actually packing my own food with me. So perhaps getting coffee or a drink would be better if we’re to share sustenance while talking.

9-10 Computer Hacking in Games Panel
10-11 Genius Loci: Your Setting is the Character Panel
11-1 Noir World Playtest run by John Adamus (I’m so excited for this! John seems like the raddest of dudes, and Noir World definitely sounds fun.)
1-2 Open. Lunch time!
2-4 Nautilus Playtest (Hey, that’s me!)
4-5 Sweet freedom! I’ll be grabbing dinner here.
5-6 So You’re Making Your First Game! Panel
6-8 Dreamfall Playtest presented by Laura Simpson/Sweet Potato Press (I have no idea what’s up with this game except what’s in the program description. But I love me some dream-based game worlds, and am excited to see how the mechanics end up going.)
8-9 Running a Small Business in the Gaming Industry Panel
9-11 I’m open! I would greatly appreciate getting coffee with someone at this point, because I will be so exhausted. Or I may go to the bar for a bit.
11-12 Print on Demand 101 Panel

9-10 Designing for Disability Access Panel
10-11 Open. Don’t know what I’ll do to fill the time. Come say hi! We can get coffee/tea.
11-12 Turning Legacy on its Head Panel
12-1 Being Persistent When Your Game Doesn’t Playtest Well Panel
1-2 Open. Will probably be getting lunch.
2-4 Nautilus “Hi” Playtest. Also known as “Ian has a heart attack but keeps GMing anyway, the playtest.”
4-5 The New Rules Fantasy Project Focus Group run by Quinn Murphy (Eff to the yeah! (I might be fanboying a bit over Mr. Murphy here.)  Going to be reading up on the blog posts on the way there.)
5-6 Open. Might be cramming dinner in here.
6-7 Coming Up in the Indies Panel
7-8 Open. No idea what to do. Bar, maybe?
8-9 Why Do You Hate Your Readers and Players? Panel
9-10 Open. Definitely bar.
10-11 Ten Things You Can Do to Make Your Rulebook Awesome Panel
11-12 Building Communities Before Your Game Comes Out Panel

11-12 Fate of the Galaxy run by Mark Richardson (Mark is awesome and nice and supportive on Twitter, and I’m super-sad I can’t make his Headspace playtests. On the other hand, this ALSO sounds awesome, and I can make it! Yay!)
12-1 Open. Lunch time.
1-2 Queerness: Addressing and Including Sexuality and Gender Identity in Your Game Design Panel
2-4 The Writing Workshop Game Jam (This sounds like a fun way to end the convention, so I’m totally there. It’ll be nice to get some creative work not focused on Nautilus for a little bit. Variety keeps the juices flowing, right?)
4 onwards: I’ll be open during this time, and would totally be open to saying hi/bye to people, getting food, whatever. Or crashing, playing a pick-up game of something, whatevs! I don’t leave until Monday, so I’ll definitely have the time free assuming I don’t immediately fall asleep after walking out of the game jam.

And that’s it! I’m excited to see you all there, and now I must go sleep for four whole hours before waking up to grab my flight.

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