An Open Letter to Our Electors

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Chuck Wendig wrote a truly excellent rant/letter to the members of the electoral college over on his blog, and I realized I’d found my civic duty to do today. I don’t have quite as much of a way with words as Chuck, but I did my best. I hope you’ll consider doing the same.


Dear Elector,

My name is Ian Brown from Seattle, WA.

I’m sure you are getting a lot of these, but what we’re saying is important. All I ask is that you listen and read with an open mind, and decide what you think is right to do without simply toeing a party line. You, as an elector, have the potential to shape where our democracy goes from here. That’s an enormous power, and I hope we can trust you with it.

Casting your vote for Donald J. Trump will do irreparable harm to our democracy. He has shown repeatedly that he does not care for the rules and traditions that uphold our system of government and our way of life. He publicly shames and punishes anyone who disagrees with him, with chilling implications for our first amendment rights once he is in office. He’s setting up generals in civilian posts to an unprecedented degree, which is the same thing juntas do and a good groundwork if he ever decides to take a less democratic bent to how he exercises control. He persecutes entire classes of people, such as Muslims and immigrants, the first steps in normalizing a discriminatory rhetoric that could lead to internment or even genocide.

He is also incredibly unqualified for the position. He routinely dismisses important diplomatic concerns, already angering China and India before he has even taken office. He’s decided he’s smarter than the intelligence community, and doesn’t need to be briefed. These actions, and others, indicate a complete disregard for the international responsibilities he’ll be taking on as President. I don’t want to live in a world where one man’s demonstrably poorly-controlled temper could lead to an international incident, or even war.

Even if you agree with all of these actions and attitudes, he has still failed to deliver on one of his core campaign promises. He has completely failed to “drain the swamp,” as he promised, filling his cabinet with rich CEOs who will do nothing to help the working class, our poor, and our needy, and will instead enrich themselves to the detriment of everyone else. These are not the people we want in charge of our government. We want those who will think of the good of the whole country, from sea to shining sea, not simply the good of themselves and their cronies.

I hope this letter has given you some food for thought. I beg of you, please cast your vote for Hillary Clinton, or, if you support the Republicans so strongly you cannot bring yourself to vote for her, an alternative Republican choice. You have a chance here to save our democracy. Please don’t waste it.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.



After sending this, I received about five automated responses, none of which filled me with cheer. But that’s just five out of hundreds. There’s still hope, even if it’s a flickering candle in the dark.

Hang in there, everyone. And if you’re inspired to write your own letter to the electors, go for it here.

P.S. To the Trump elector whose auto-response says he won’t change his vote because we’re a republic, not a democracy: being a republic is literally exactly why we can ask this of you, and reasonably expect you to change your mind. Otherwise your position is purely ceremonial.

P.P.S. My letter is also publicly posted on the Ask The Electors site.

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