Computer Learnin’s: February 2018

This month is a month of trying to plow through things and earn some certs, which I’m sure won’t be disastrous AT ALL. Focusing on A+ and Networking+ first, as both of those should have some good overlap with stuff I know already. It should also let me prove to HR departments that, yes, I know what I’m doing, please hire me.

After that I’m not really sure. I’ve been looking at network administrator positions, because those are something I’m at least partially qualified for and are a good way to move towards doing information security. I think. Assuming I keep trying for a network admin job, though, I’d probably be looking at getting a CCNA certification, or a Microsoft one? Alternately Security+ just because that’s interesting.

Either way I ‘m going to be out hundred of dollars, which sucks. Thanks for nothing, Bachelor’s of Computer Science. Turns out that isn’t enough for people to trust me to support desktops for $20/hour. :\

Anyway, here’s the log!

Pre 2018-02-07

  • Studied more A+ material. Got through the end of the 2nd hardware section.


  • Finished the final hardware section (third of three) in the book. I now know a bit more about printers? Not the topic I thought would have come up, but okay.
  • Started in on the Networking section
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