Computer Learnin’s, December 2017

Hey all. I’m really bad at keeping consistent with learning more about computers and (theoretically) improving in my field, so I thought I’d start keeping track. One post per month that will be updated regularly, so that I don’t overwhelm my own blog with a bazillion 50-word posts.

My focuses this month are going to be information security and learning Ruby. Maybe Python, too, but given that I’m already halfway through the month splitting my attention is probably ambitious enough as it is.

I also hope this means that I can have, if not a portfolio, at least evidence that I’ve been working on learning stuff, in the case of something like a job application. And it should act as a handy reference when I go “I swear I learned this thing, but where?!?”


  • Checked out GradiusCypher’s “Getting Started in Infosec” information repository from Github:
  • Read through and took handwritten notes on Daniel Miessler’s “How to Build a Successful Infosec Career”
  • Up Next: Reading through Hacks4Pancake’s “Starting an InfoSec Career” series of articles


  • Started reading Hacks4Pancake’s “Starting an Infosec Career” series of articles. Read chapters 1-5, which included an outline of possible career paths.
    • Listed specializations was very helpful. So far ones that sound especially interesting are:
      • Security Engineer
      • Forensic Analyst
      • Penetration Testing (Traditional)
      • Physical Penetration Testing (I think this appeals to me the MOST but also didn’t have super clear education/getting-into-the-industry stuff outlined. Probably worth learning some of the other skills and trying to find people to follow and learn from.)


  • Read Hacks4Pancake’s chapter 6
    • Need to follow up on these blogs for building out a home lab:
    • Possible con to attend, the Seattle BSides on Feb 3rd, 2018:
    • This chapter also has a good recommended reading list
  • Read Chapter 7 of Hacks4Pancake’s blog series
  • Up next: Read “Introduction to DFIR” by Scott Roberts


  • Read “Introduction to DFIR” by Scott J Roberts:
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  1. Franklin says:

    It certainly helps. Stuff like this will get you a second look even if it is obscure.

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