Tales of the Stop, And Interviews!

I think this officially goes in the “Better Late Than Never” pile as far as my own self-promo goes. On the heels of Coffee: Hot, I was published in Tales of the Stop, a book of tales from the Azrael’s Stop universe edited by Lucas J.W. Johnson. My story, “The Ones We Leave Behind,” somehow got second in the book! Which is exciting to me. It’s a story about friendship and community and dealing with the death of those we care about.

I also did an interview with Lucas about my story, and it’s posted over here. We talk about writing for pre-established settings, using the themes of an existing work when designing your own, and other topics.

Lucas also wrote a really good post at Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds about the entire Azrael’s Stop/Tales of the Stop concept that you should read.

You can get Azrael’s Stop and Tales of the Stop from Silverstring Media, Amazon (Azrael’s|Tales), Barnes & Noble (Azrael’s|Tales) (please someone else buy Nook books I feel so alone), iBooks (Azrael’s|Tales), and Kobo (Azrael’s|Tales). (I recommend buying it directly through Silverstring because then you can get both books and the soundtrack in a discounted bundle!) I hope some of you check it out.

P.S. Also, speaking of Coffee: Hot, did you see that Avery Vanderlyle interviewed me about my story? You can see it here.

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