Links of the Week

Hey all!  Hare a few links from my recent travels around the internet.  Hope you find them interesting.

1. Sam Brown’s Factory Tours (via Daniel Solis) — Sam Brown went and toured 5 board game factories in China.  Hey, it turns out they’re not horrible hell holes!  Also gives some interesting insight into what parts of the games are made where.

2. Jaquaying Dungeons, on The Alexandrian (via Daniel Hebert a friend of mine who has little web presence!) — An interesting series of articles talking about constructing dungeons in tabletop games as a series of loops, rather than a linear line.  This can lead to much more dynamic tactics and dungeons than with the standard more-linear designs.  An older Alexandrian article, but a good one.

3. Meaningful Choices in Dungeons, again on The Alexandrian (via Daniel Hebert) — Another great article on how to make it so your players feel like they’re doing more than just flipping a coin when you ask them “left or right” at a dungeon intersection.  Strikes me as a good way to encourage roleplay and player immersion, as well.

4. Scrivener and RPG Writing over at Population: One (via Ryan Macklin’s twitter) — I personally love Scrivener, and it’s great to see a good example of using it to write adventures and how it sets itself apart from other word processing/writing programs.

5. 25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author: Lazy Bastard Edition by Delilah S. Dawson over at TerribleMinds — A rocking, step by step explanation of getting published traditionally by someone who’s been through the whole process a couple of times.  As a bonus, it’s hilarious and also willing to tell us all some hard truths about the process.  With so many people writing about self-publishing these days, it’s nice to get some hard information on the more traditional path.  And it’s actually a very motivational piece.

Huzzah for links!  I hope they provide you with much reading pleasure.

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