Proposed Schedule

Sorry for the lack of post last week, it’s taking a little longer to get the wheels rolling than I’d like.  For today, I’d like to drop in and tell you what the proposed schedule is for the blog.

Monday — Running the World Machine. GMing advice for your tabletop games. I’m still improving, but I’ve picked up some tricks along the way and want to share them. You can catch up on the archives here.

Tuesday — Link day! I’ll collect at least five links from around them web and post them here for your perusing pleasure. Miscellaneous announcements and other minor posts will go on this day, too. Tuesday’s going to be lighter, shorter posts, so there will probably be some more variety in addition to the links post. Think of it as the blog’s variety show moment.

Wednesday — An update on Nautilus.  This could be an overview of whatever aspect of the design I’m working on, some thoughts on making the game, playtesting reports, etc.

Thursday — RPG reviews! I’m going to start posting my thoughts on the various RPGs I’ve either read already or am in the process of reading through. These will generally be split into two parts. The first week will have my impressions as I’m reading the system (most of these systems I’ll be actually sitting down and reading for the first time, which for a lot of RPG books takes longer than a week), and the second week will have my more-final review, once I’ve read the entire product.  I will admit for some of the longer products, there may be some skimming, as I am only human and only have so much time, but I’ll do my best to be as thorough as possible. There may also be a third part to a review, possibly added much later, where I give my further impressions of a product after playtesting it, either as a one-shot or a campaign. These reviews will focus on whichever books happen to pique my interest at the time, and as such may trend in slightly more obscure directions or include reviews of things that are old or possibly now out of print (but are hopefully available used online).  For games that have multiple core books, I’ll review them one at time, and possibly not all in sequence, depending on how well they hold my interest. I will also be endeavoring to only review games that I personally own, which could eventually derail the project due to financial difficulties, but my backlog is fairly large and there are many quality free games out there, so  I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Friday — Friday will be flash fiction. New stories once a week, either written fresh or from my own archives. A word of warning that this particular blog post’s timing will probably be more erratic than most once the schedule gets settled in, since I will probably be writing the week’s post based on Chuck Wendig’s Friday Flash Fiction challenges, which are posted on, well, Friday, so I can’t write the flash fiction until I get the challenge in the morning.  I’ll try to have it up before noon (PST), but there’s no promises there. We’ll see how it goes!

I may write up other posts as time permits. Having just moved to Seattle, I’m still in the exploratory phase of being in a new city, so I might make posts about game stores in the area, events I go to, etc. I might also do additional writing, game design, write about current gaming or writing news, etc. It’s going to be experimental for a while, but I hope it will be quite fun.

There should be two more posts this week (doing an extra to make up for missing last week) as part of the ramp up, so I’ll see you there!

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