Update Time

Sorry for the lack of updates, school ate a ton of my time and I wasn’t quite sure what to post.

Yeah, hoo-rah on that updating the blog more often thing. 😛  I’m working on it.

Anyway, some quick updates on what’s been going on out in Ianlandia:

  • Nautilus is now in version 2.0 — While still being far from complete, we’ve overhauled the character creation process, removed XP (and replaced it with FATE-milestone-like Advancements for character level advancement), and done a whole lot of other stuff to hopefully make it more simple and less like the tangled mess that is d20 Modern and Future.  We’re in the second round of playtesting, which is going fine on a mechanics front.  The plot could use some work, but we’ve only been in two sessions so far, so I have some time to turn that particular boat around.
  • Tower of Ishmal got edited! — I went back through and edited the Tower of Ishmal story, and it is now far more up to snuff.  I’m waiting on releasing it on the site for a little bit, as I want to shop it around to some magazines (some of which require that the story not be published before), but it’ll probably be available within the next month or two, if not sooner.
  • I applied to Clarion West — I wrote a new story for submission to the Sword & Mythos anthology by Innsmouth Free Press, and ended up using it to apply to Clarion West.  I dearly hope I get in, as I’m planning on moving to Seattle regardless, and it would come at the best possible point in my career (aka after college and before I have a job) to take the time off and really work on my writing.  Plus, it sounds like an absolute blast.  If you have any spare positive thoughts, sending them my way for getting accepted would be fantastic.
  • Submitted my first story for publication — I wrote a swords and sorcery story that ties into the Cthulhu Mythos for the Sword & Mythos anthology written above.  I won’t hear back from them until spring about whether my story was accepted or not, but I think it stands a decent chance.  My beta reader really liked it and I think it’s one of my strongest stories yet. Plus: Kyudo-archery-using Cthulhu cult internal investigators in medieval(ish) Japan!  What’s not to love?

So that’s all the major stuff for right now.  I’m just finishing up my second-to-last quarter of school now, and after this next quarter I’ll be packing up and moving to Seattle! I just need to keep myself from remembering that I’m going to have to act like a real adult soon oh no oh no oh no…. (Damn, looks like the thought slipped through.)  Until then, there should hopefully be much Nautilus work and fiction writing.  Full steam ahead! *engine explodes, senseless death and terror ensues*

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