Knee Deep in NaNoWriMo

Hey all! Glad to see no one around here’s rotted and died of disappointment without me.

*Tumbleweed blows through.*

Right then. So right now I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo. It’s going well, even though I’m a few thousand behind, but it also means no more new flash fiction for the rest of the month unless I happen to get a good free day or two.

I’m also caught up in several large school projects which have been taking up rather a lot of my time, so work on Nautilus has slowed to a crawl while I finish those up. Patrick and I have done a good bit of discussion on the setting, though, and hopefully I can start doing some sample location write-ups over on the Nautilus website soon, to give everyone a sense of the setting.

Going to keep this brief, since I need to be in bed soon so I can wake up extremely early tomorrow and spend all non-previously-committed time tomorrow working on my pile of to-dos. See you around soon, everybody.

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