Another Quick Update

So I didn’t take very long to fall of the bandwagon there, did I?  School combined with social obligations swamped me a little bit this last week and kept me away from the blog, although I’m finally getting some traction and free time.  I also didn’t have any flash fiction of a high enough quality to show.

Anyway, quick Nautilus update: we’ve (we = Patrick and me) put together a dev wiki and a release schedule, and we’re aiming to have a fully functioning beta of the rules by the end of the year.  We’ll begin small group testing shortly after that, and then later move onto public testing.  We’re tentatively aiming to have our first general-public game at February’s Strategicon, and hopefully at that point we’ll be close to done refining the rules.

We’re unsure yet what we want to do about publication.  While the optimist in me would love to think a publisher would take a look at our game, I’m not sure a d20-based Sci-fi game is going to be really setting off any alarms unless we get some great word of mouth going on.  Even then, a lot of the big publishers publish primarily only things they develop in-house.  Kickstarter is another tempting option, but we’d need a lot more people knowing and excited about the game than there are now.  Another project for the coming months!

The website for Nautilus has been in stasis due to a lack of web-design time on my part.  It should be up soon, at which point a lot of these announcement-type posts will be created on the blog there.

Other than all that, everything is going well.  I’m working on a new short story that I hope to finish the first draft of soon, and I’ve been writing consistently the past week, give or take, which is a marked improvement after falling off the writing horse for the earlier part of November.  Right now I’m just letting my writing wander in topic, but keeping the length down to prepare myself for NaNoWriMo next month.  It’s going to be intense!  But I am very excited for it.

I also turn 23 tomorrow.  Huh, how did that happen? Barely seems like a year’s gone past yet.

That’s all for now.  Catch you all soon!

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