The State of Things (Nautilus, Writing, THIS VERY BLOG)

Hey everyone, a few quick updates:

The Nautilus playtest has been going well, and it looks like a lot of things are going to go back to the drawing board to take them out of “okay” and into “awesome!” territory.  D20 Modern and Future have proven a little more sketchy and incomplete than they originally appeared, which is not a terrible thing, but creates more of a challenge moving forward.  Still, we can definitely make it work.

Speak of “we,” a friend of mine, Patricio Legras, has joined in on the Nautilus project with me.  This should mean more progress and faster updates, and hopefully a more complete product sooner for everyone.

We’ve also started up a website for the project, so we can centralize updates and stay in better touch with everyone.  It’s going to be under construction for the next few days, but once it’s live I’ll post up a link here in a new post.

As far as other things go, a week or so ago I finished writing one of the longest stories I’ve ever written.  It started as a project that was supposed to turn into a short story, and ended up being 120k words long.  It’s about a thief, her guild, and getting in way over their heads as they realize an artifact they were sent to recover was much more than they bargained for.  I’ve set it aside for now, to let it sit for a while, but should be editing it come November or December.

I’m also getting excited for NaNoWriMo coming up in about a month.  I’m not sure what I’m going to be writing yet, but it’s always a blast to participate (and I’m hoping I can turn this year into my eighth win in a row).  In the meantime, I’ll probably finish up another much shorter novel that’s a few scenes away from completion and write a few short stories.  I also have The Tower of Ishmal to edit and then hopefully start submitting to a few magazines.  I need to start building up my pile of rejection letters, after all. 😛

Lastly, I’m going to be updating this blog at least once a week from now on.  Right now it’s low to no traffic, and I’m okay with that, but moving on out of college at the end of this school year and into a career of any sort it would be nice to have a web presence to connect with other creative folk.  Plus there are a lot of things from game design to writing to, I dunno, extreme ornithology that I’d love to have conversations with you all about.

That’s it for now.  Have a good one, everyone.  See you next week if not sooner.

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