Current Projects

A quick update on the current state of things in Ianlandia (aka what I’m working on):

– Started initial discussions with Jennifer and Patrick (neither of whom have websites that I know of for me to link to) about making a game over the course of the next quarter/school year/when it’s done. There are currently few details, although it looks like we’re aiming for either a very small scale RPG or an adventure game. The skills currently in the group are somewhat. . .constrained, but hopefully we’ll rise to the challenge! (Learning new things is fun, right? Right?)

– Started re-attempting to learn Blender today, if only to get a basic idea of how 3D modeling works. I still have an old e-book copy of Beginning Blender by Lance Flavell, which looks to be more than adequate for the task.

– Am going to do research into game engines for the project with Jennifer and Patrick. I need to figure out if Unity 3D is the best tool for the job, given that the game will probably be two-dimensional. We do want to use something that will apply later on in our careers, but at the same time using a 3D engine to make a 2D game seems like it could cause problems.

And that’s pretty much it for now! Back to Blender-book reading!

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